The Marathon

If you have never been to Las Vegas and love the marathon, be aware that this famous American city organizes every year in December a marathon in which several thousand runners of all nationalities compete.

Organization and running of this marathon

Each year, the municipality of Las Vegas organizes this marathon which consists of running over a distance of forty kilometers. The best runners manage to complete the course in about two and a half hours. As for the women participating in the race, the fastest of them make the course in just under three hours. During this race, you will admire beautiful fireworks while listening to rock music concerts. If you feel in sufficient physical shape, do not hesitate to register for this exceptional race that will make you discover this mythical city.

Other Las Vegas attractions

Of course, Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and slot machines . Gamers will have the choice between dozens of schools. But know that you can attend many concerts where you will see the most famous stars of music. In particular, you can attend a Celine Dion concert. In addition, if you are interested in modern technologies, you will certainly want to visit the Consummer Electronic Show, which is the world’s largest high-tech fair. You will be able to discover the novelties of the biggest brands of computer and electronic products. It takes place every year in January.

On the other hand, art lovers will have a good memory of their stay in Las Vegas where they will have admired superb works of famous artists such as Renoir, Picasso, Monnet, Pollock or Van Gogh at the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum. In addition, the Gallery of Fine Arts also presents a beautiful collection of paintings. Tourists can see works by Rembrandt, Picasso and Henri Matisse. Finally, the Guinness Records Museum in Las Vegas will entertain everyone, especially children.

Practical details of your stay in Las Vegas

For your stay, you will have a very wide choice of hotels, which will allow you to stay according to your tastes and your budget. The nearest airport is Las Vegas Mc Carran.