First Marathon

Running a marathon is a dream for many of us. Nevertheless, the lack of knowledge and the fear of the unknown are factors that remain dissuasive for most people. We have therefore established a training project that aims to provide the necessary foundation for all those who really want to invest in it. So, first of all, to prepare for your first marathon you need a good pair of sneakers, regular training and the deployment of a steel mind.


Before starting the training itself, it is essential to carry out a health check. Once your doctor has agreed, you can start thinking about the necessary equipment. Running is not a very demanding discipline at the logistical level. However, getting ready to run 42 km is not like jogging on the weekends. Do not hesitate to invest in a good pair of running shoes. They are specially designed to cushion the weight of the body in contact with the ground and thus minimize the impact on the joints.

Then you have to plan the training. According to the experts, to make a serious preparation and to be able to be in good shape on the day of the marathon, it is necessary to envisage between 8 and 12 weeks of trainings, at the rate of 3 to 4 days of training per week. The regular practice of the activity is one of the main keys to prepare well for your marathon.

The ideal training must alternate endurance exercises (designed to keep you on the run for the entire length of the ride and to cope with different types of terrain) and specific training (which varies according to your personal goals). ). During endurance training, the body will get used to running for several hours. It is therefore a question of fatigue resistance rather than results. Moreover, it is important to vary the course: one day, follow a longer route but without a lot of obstacles (run on a track, for example) and the other day, adopt a shorter course but with climbs, descents, oscillations of ground, etc. After each workout, do not forget to take notes. Knowing how you feel,

In addition, do not hesitate to pay close attention to your diet. Running a marathon is not a trivial effort for the body. To prepare yourself properly, you have to be physically fit but also, mentally. For this, do not forget to eat well, drink plenty and sleep well